Critical Thinking & Modern Rape

Please, let's stop raping each other
    -anonymous, probably me
This post is more of a rant about society and culture than anything else, though I put some effort into making the ideas clear. If you'd like to raise your consciousness about this topic I suggest you read Rape Culture 101, by Melissa at Shakesville. Let's start with the basics:

What is self-identity?
Self/identity may be defined as the conglomerate of the six senses (WHAT?!),  as a fragile yet seemingly concrete substance held together by the widely discounted sense, mind. Self/identity is informed (as a direct or indirect function of memory) by our environment and our perceptions of the world, which are compacted, organized and reiterated, repeatedly. Over the course of development and maturation, from formative years through adolescence to young adulthood, environmental and social impressions  become stronger, more vivid, matter in the neurons.

These are the apparatuses that facilitate the crystallization of self/identity (they are discussed in further detail at YBB):
  1. Mind/Volition/Memory...
  2. Touch
  3. Sight
  4. Taste
  5. Smell
  6. Hearing
We are each of us unique, but only in the context of our environment. Shifting to a different environment one finds themselves not-so-unique and bland.

Example: A vegetarian in a meat-eating family who joins a monastery or befriends vegans.

That was a weak example. More to the purpose of this post--and quickly, in case the overtones of this blog have been sublime: I believe
alongside the Buddhist insight that we all have the capacity to live perpetually in LovingKindness, to be Buddhas.

Humans possess critical thinking skills and an apparently higher order of consciousness in comparison to fellow Earthlings. (Here, "we" refers to humans, homosapiens-sapiens.) I mean really, look at all our technologies and baked goods!

We learn on a train of logical progression, figuratively speaking, and on the same track we latch onto and begin to tell ourselves nonsensical and absurd stories about sex, gender, body and sexuality; we believe in those stories; and we live and practice daily these stories.

Best bet is that the shift toward accepting environmental consciousness happens at the ages when we begin to respond to our name and begin believing that others are boys or girls instead of human beings who have peepees and impending free-milk-through-nipple features (NSFW).

Nirvana - Rape Me

Modern Rape
Rape happens ALL of the time. I speak of Identity Rape here. Popular culture, as hedonistic, capitalist and fatalistic as it may be, rusts and curtails our critical thinking skills. It's true: monkey sees enough, monkey does do. We are presented with images of perfect worlds, most of which are ethnically exclusive and not globally conscious.

I have the feeling someone's going to point out Disney/ABC's Lost. I've yet to see it. I think I just might though. Soon enough.  And I should mention and remind myself: with my deep interest in psychology, I perpetrate like what. I include myself in this here described human orgy. End full disclosure; moving on...

Once critical thinking is dumbed-down the AAHs begin. We begin using structures and scopes of judgment  fed to us by our learning, which in turn leads to bad justice. But then the question arises, are judgment and justice appropriate human endeavors? Beginning with identity-rape society sets the stage for sexual, penetrative rape.

Ily at asexy beast, wrote one of my favorite posts, next to this one, in the asexophere. Read through the comments and share some of your thoughts. Else, you may end up like this cat here:

Okay, I'm done. Be sure to check out A Life Podcast's final episode. So sad :(