Anger and Peace, Beauty in the Beast

I have been sitting zazen often for the past couple of weeks. Just about every morning I wake up and sit and watch my mind for anywhere between 5 and 30 minutes. It has been a revealing practice. I have become  increasingly attuned to my feelings and find that there is a lot of anger and anxiety, a continual gushing of hostility.

The reason for all this negative energy is obvious. It has to do with my verve for truth, consciousness, and awareness; this in addition to my recent dabbling with the skeptics, champions of reason and critical thinkers like James Randi, Richard Dawkins, Michael Shermer and their associates and associations.

Pomosexual asexual

I may be part pomosexual. I still have to clear this brainwashing. Once the dust settles I will know, if it ever does. If not, I guess I am once again, pluralist.

Pomosexual: portmanteau of postmodernism abbreviated to pomo and sexual; it is a neologism used to describe a person who shuns sexual orientation labels (such as heterosexual and homosexual), and in turn chooses not to label oneself with a sexual orientation. It is not to be confused with asexuality, which is a sexual orientation used to describe an individual who does not experience sexual attraction

las preguntas del sexo (SEX QUESTIONS)

To do:
1. Play solitaire and sweep mines
2. Propagate the species

       ~ facebook status

The following is a survey I found at the What do you mean by sex? asexy blog. The author had a lot of interesting responses that, in retrospect make mine seem not up to par. I think what happened here was I just intuited some ideas which I believe are important to conserve as a conscious asexual. My responses are prone to change and I will update and edit as I explore asexuality.

1. How would you define/describe asexuality?

Asexuality is intrinsically vague by its alternormative nature. It is the space between. It is what was there before...

Asexuality to me is getting back to the essence of what makes us human and not animal. I believe asexuality is an ability. For some it is natural, retained from birth through adolescence; these people have not been acculturated to the environment and I do no imply that natural asexuals are dysfunctional. For others alsexuality is realized or slowly realized over time, after several illogical, impressive life events, be they sexual experiences or not.

Nothingness and Asexuality

Meditating into light and mind,
Ava~ realized the essence of nothingness:

The facts arose in her mind:
Our apparatus of sentience is form,
Form shapes sentience--but
Form is inherently empty without value
And that emptiness is only defined by form