Why Are Your Pants So Tight?

In the realm of fitness, yoga and exercise, it is an absolute MUST to wear loose-fitting clothes as doing so helps our body regulate its temperature and circulation. However, looking around at the latest fashion, one should come to the conclusion that: when not exercising, we MUST. WEAR. REALLY. TIGHT. PANTS.

Tight pants and fashion have been on my mind for the past year, though, in the form of a recurring thought: "why are your pants so tight?" I wanted an answer and found one soon enough. My sister and I recently shared a conversation in which we reasoned to the singular objective of tight pants: to conserve fabric and materials.

Happy V-Day (Nice shoes. Wanna fork?)

Happy V-Day ("Nice Shoes. Wanna fuck?")

Bow to the Goddess - (some)Things I Like:


C. C. Baxter sporting a Junior Executive Bowler