FAIL: Monkey See, Monkey Doo

I've recently noticed some characteristics of the angry asexual in myself. Most of the writing ideas that I'm inspired to post are mostly not positive. It's time for a hiatus.

Here are three posts by Ily and Asexual Love that articulate my feelings on sexuality in general: one on delusion, another on delusion-in-action, and a third on programming. And this post was the wake-up call to my current experience.

And now, a list:
1. Life is filled with assumptions and premises that are imbued with ignorance and inattention.

2. Lack of thorough, unbiased observation and lack of concentration are the causes of these assumptions and faulty premises.

3. There is a way to awaken ourselves; it is possible to gain access to the controls of our automated patterns, reactions and psychic formations.

4. Living life on purpose, with conscious positive or neutral(izing) intention, attention and awareness, will provide for a heartfelt, honest, authenticity.