Perfect Worlds: The Bachelor♥

More on Mickey Mouse's Colorism, continuing from Critical Thinking and Modern Rape, an excerpt  from "Bachelor's White Elephant" at Racialicious:

Why's everyone on the Bachelor and the Bachelorette white?
Before you accuse me of hating on interracial lovers and their offspring, let me just say that it is not individual interracial white/nonwhite couples that trouble me. It is rather the constant movie/televisual representations of mixed race couples and their corollary that tires me out: which is that white folks are always portrayed as more loveable and desireable than people of colour. (read more)

Critical Thinking & Modern Rape

Please, let's stop raping each other
    -anonymous, probably me
This post is more of a rant about society and culture than anything else, though I put some effort into making the ideas clear. If you'd like to raise your consciousness about this topic I suggest you read Rape Culture 101, by Melissa at Shakesville. Let's start with the basics:

What is self-identity?
Self/identity may be defined as the conglomerate of the six senses (WHAT?!),  as a fragile yet seemingly concrete substance held together by the widely discounted sense, mind. Self/identity is informed (as a direct or indirect function of memory) by our environment and our perceptions of the world, which are compacted, organized and reiterated, repeatedly. Over the course of development and maturation, from formative years through adolescence to young adulthood, environmental and social impressions  become stronger, more vivid, matter in the neurons.