American Teen-age Penis: The Pursuit of the Vulva

Next week, A Life Podcast is planning on doing a show about Asexuality and Self Identity. If you have any comments/stories etc you'd like to tell, you can contact them on facebook or at the website. You may to stay anonymous if you wish :)

Coincidentally, I recently wrote a post about identity titled "My Asexiness is...". Read the comment from Slightly Metaphysical, who makes some really insightful points.

I choose to put forth some effort, for you (yes, you), of course, to articulate my asexuality; to perhaps inspire you to explore your asexuality, spirituality, and to further understanding. Nevertheless, all this is theorizing, is it not?:

My asexuality is a frivolous reclamation of sorts. When I was younger I had no real sense of self. (It may have had something to do with my being born and raised for seven years in another non-Western country). And because of this I picked up whatever was around me at any given moment. This is not to say that I wasn't selective, I was.

In fact, I should be a christian right now but I selected what fit my sense of not-self. (When I say "not-self", I refer to the idea that self and identity are not concrete things somewhere out there or in a specific location in the head). Seemingly, the most natural thing for me to have done with my intermittent flowing self-identities was to switch over to Buddhism, slowly. Now I consider myself mostly agnostic with nothing more than admiration for Jesus, the Christ. But, I still go to church with my family; it's a tough exercise! Phew!

Same thing with my asexuality: it seemed most natural not to fight American teen age-conditioning. That energy was used for other things; for example, I needed to keep out societal nonsense informing and warning me that I am a "Black" man, which is an identity I still am reluctant to use for my self; I needed it to find life interesting, and remain blissfully happy and not give in to teen-angst; to be the best drummer in school; to be the best person all my friends and their parents knew, etc.

I let my asexuality lay dormant only to exercise it through my inactive, nonexistent really, “pursuit of pussy”.